LIO-0250 // Single Flyer Type Outslot Winding Machine

Nittoku has developed this high speed winding machine for the outslot stator winding by applying the NITTOKU-made high speed compact controller. This winding machine also includes the new 2 division indexer. Core loading onto the tooling in the indexer can be performed in parallel with the coil winding process. This increases efficiency and productivity. Winding accuracy can greatly increased thanks to the high indexing accuracy.

  • The core is held from above which makes tooling changeover simple. Overall, this makes the machine easy to operate.

  • Due to the simple construction and limited number of individual parts, this machine is easy to maintain and take up a small overall footprint.

  • Tooling is designed with the quick change mechanism, so specification changeover is simple.

  • Transfer by free flow system can be applied in this machine. Automation for the multiple kinds of production with variable quantity can be integrated easily.

  • Max. 4-axis synchronous high-speed control enables accurate positioning and high-speed winding.

  • Motion of the center former is controlled by AC servomotor instead of a cylinder. NC enables accurate positioning of the former for precise winding.

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