LAO-0160 / OFT-0160 // Flyer Type Outslot Winding Machine

LAO-0160 //

  • Uses a high speed synchronized controller with a maximum of 10 axes. This provides accurate positioning for any shape of core.

  • The motion of the main former and side former (option) is controlled by an AC servomotor. Accurate winding is achieved by Furthermore, by intermittent wire feed by traverse movement.

  • No scrap wire is produced, due to the wire clamp mechanism holding and cutting the wire simultaneously.

  • This machine is designed to be integrated into a system that is equipped with pre and post process through free flow system with core loading and unloading.

  • Easy change and assembly are standard in every unit.

OFT-0160 //

  • The servo controlled flyer's vertical axis gives the machine the ability to create lead wires up to 400mm in length.

  • The wire can be tapped at any position required and simple programming can change the position.

  • Feed back from the core height measurement is applied to the winding program to adjust the core height tolerance.

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