KIS-0450 / KIS-0250U // Micro Armature Winding Machine

This high speed winding machine was developed by applying the NITTOKU-made super high speed compact FA controller.

  • By applying an indexing mechanism (180 degrees), the core loading can be performed in parallel with the winding operation. This improves working efficiency and productivity.

  • Compared to the  normal flyer design, the movement of the flyer can be kept in minimum distance. And the spindle accuracy has been improved.

  • The wrapping mechanism is located in front. The stability of terminal wire wrapping is increased and programming can be easily performed. Fast and Accurate core indexing is possible due to NC control.

  • A preventive device is installed in order to reduce vibration of the center former. This allows for reduced cycle time. (Up to 40% less compared as our other machines).

  • No scrap wire is remained due to the vacuum system.

  • Tooling is designed with the quick change mechanism. So specification changeover is simplified. 


  • Easy change and assembly are featured due to standardization of every unit.

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