KAI-0160 / KAI-0160H / KAI-0260Y // Nozzle Type (Inslot / Outslot) Winding Machine

The KAI series coil winding machine has been developed for direct nozzle winding of inside slot stators for small motors. With AC servo motors and Nittoku's recently developed NSC60 machine controller, the KAI series can not only wind, but also perform terminal wrapping. A single machine can be set up for a variety of specifications. It features quick and easy specification change-over, a compact, simple mechanism, and 4-axis NC control.

  • Model KAI-0160 and KAI-0160H wind using the up and down motion of the nozzle combined with oscillation of the core on a rotary axis. Model KAI-0160Y winds using an up and down, and right and left motion of the nozzle. Each model can wind a wide range of core sizes a number of poles.

  • Perfect layer winding is made possible by intermittent nozzle traverse. In addition, the nozzle stroke height can be changed with each layer, resulting in a tighter wind.

  • Continuous winding allows for reduced cycle times.

  • AC servomotor allows for precision control of cross over. Cross over wires can be kept at on end, or can be put on alternate ends of the stator for maximum space efficiency.

  • Nozzle tilt mechanism rotates the nozzle 90 degrees for termination. This plus the wire finishing unit allows the machine to handle multiple specifications.

  • A single machine can perform perfect layer winding of both inside and outside slot stators.

  • The KAI series can be linked with our other machines via our free flow transfer system. Processes before or after winding, such as terminal insertion, soldering, testing and assembly, can be fully automated.

Specifications //

KAI-0260 Free Flow Specification

KAI-0260 Free Flow Specification

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