HIM-03 // Hook Type Inslot Winding Machine

Model HIM-03 has been developed for inside slot stator winding with a new technology "Hook Winding" which uses outward fingers to slide wires through stator slots instead of nozzles passing in the slot. The "hook" finger tool with NC control also allows for  precision winding.

  • No nozzle space is required in the slots. It enhances slot-fill up to 70%. Maximum Slot-fill: Insert Winding 85%; Hook Winding 70%; Nozzle Winding 50%.

  • This is concentrated direct winding. Therefore, lower end turns can be achieved, and the motor itself can be smaller.

  • With forming tool, multi-wire winding is enabled at tight slot opening.

  • Multiple wires can be wound at once, including heavy gauges, since the nozzle does not enter the slot.

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